Finesco International Company with many years of service to industry can offer a complete package of Design, Engineering Fabrication, Procurement, Construction and maintenance services.


From 1982 till date The company has executed large number of civil contracts with government and the private sector companies, which allow the company to be qualified in civil with the central tender committee in the second degree, in addition to all others qualification with the oil sector.

Since 1992, The division has been providing specialized categories of personnel to KNPC for all three Refineries and for Local marketing Department. These specialized categories include highly skilled Engineers, Field Operators, Supervisors, Technical Assistants, Coordinators and so on.

Finesco International possesses technical expertise and ability to execute various civil construction
projects. Some of its widely appreciated construction projects include:

1. Construction, Performance & Maintenance of Schools.
2. Construction, Completion & Maintenance of Major Neighborhood Center.
3. Construction, Performance & Maintenance of New Petrol Filling Stations at KNPC
4. Demolition, Design & Construction of Hanger, Workshop, Laboratory.