Finesco International Company with many years of service to industry can offer a complete package of Design, Engineering Fabrication, Procurement, Construction and maintenance services.


Electrical Division was established on 2007 as an integral part of Finesco International Co. . This division is entirely involved in Electrical and Instrumentation activities of this organization by supporting other divisions as well as participating directly for medium and major electrical and instrumentation projects.

The division is managed by highly qualified Engineers and Technicians. It maintains a fully equipped Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation workshop along with sophisticated instruments, tools and equipments to carry out quality jobs and precise jobs of any kind.

The division collaborates legally with the following foreign companies:
1- M/s. Chemin Private Limited – For Instrumentation Contracting Jobs.
2- M/s. K. P Electric Korea – For Manufacturing and Supply of High Power Oil Immersed and dry power transformers.
3- M/s. Huaida Pipe China – For Manufacturing and supply of Pipe Fittings.